Hong Kong Anti-Occupy Central Riot

This is not a complete blog post. I’m using this post to gather all the related photos and videos. 

The Riot

The mob yells “Get Out ! Get Out!

2:12: ESCAPE! ESCAPE! We’re going to die!

 HK Police Behind the Blue Ribbon Movement (Anti-Occupy Central Riot)?

Facebook Group “Up for HK” says its reader has a spy video showing the police is behind the Blue Ribbon Movement.

“There’s a mob around? You guys don’t need to report to the police! Because they’re my people. You’re no match for me.
My reader risks his/her life to take this video. The video is long,  as he/she followed the women  from the beginning to the end. You should watch to the end and listen the announcement. A group of suspicious people gather at Cheung Sha Wan Police Station, distributing blue ribbon and leaflets. They’re ready to work!”

0:35: Inside Police Reporting Station


The police volunteer group “Southern Star” made the blue ribbon by themselves.


Original Link: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=542870989176520&id=542698572527095 (The group is censored.)

反佔中暴徒認人組(Anti-Occupy Central Mob Identification Group): The police volunteer group “Southern Star” made many blue ribbons, so that they can identity their own people.

The anti-Occupy Central mob is paid to attack student protesters. 

Price List of “Jobs”, extracted from Whatsapp


Blue Ribbon Movement

Gather at Mong Kok and Causeway Bay: 200 HKD

Demonstrate at Admiralty: 300 HKD + Bonus

Pull Down Resource Station: 500 HKD

Successfully Create Chaos: 1000 HKD

Must show photos as evidences. After the job is done, please find Mr Chan to get pay.

Telephone: 68254092

inmediahk uploaded a video showing how a man saying the price list of the “jobs”

0:52: 三百蚊, 搬鐵馬 300 HKD for the removal of barriers

A netizen found this bank check in Mongkok. Later, other netizens found that the company on the check has a boss with red background.


MK (Local Gang Member) Slipped Off His Check.  Effort Wasted.

I picked this up at the scene (Mong Kok). No recipient.

It’s paid like as if it were a legitimate job . Everyone please judge


Many victims the of anti-Occupy Central mob are students




It’s said that the kid suffered serious injury to his left eye.

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