Pro-Beijing Newspaper Blames Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protesters for Maid’s Death

A Hong Kong netizen saw the following piece of news while reading Singtao Daily, a pro-Beijing newspaper.


The headline: Bedroom’s Hanging Cabinet Collapsed. Filipina Maid Crushed to Death in Dream

The sub-headline: Because of “Occupy Central”, she died “undeservedly”. School closure makes the maid sleep longer (than she should)

The intro: Yesterday, a tragedy happened in a family in Tseung Kwan O. A 100lbs. cabinet, which was installed to the ceiling, collapsed as the eight screws that stabilized it became loose. Because of Occupy Central, the maid didn’t need to bring her master to school and was sleeping soundly at that time. She was crushed to become unconscious and later pronounced dead at hospital. The young master who sleeps at the same room suffers no injuries. The family is extremely sad because of her death.

Comments from Hong Kong Netizens

Mak: WTF!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!! Who set such a headline????

Tang: I’m really furious reading this!

Mak: Fuck that shit!


Mok: That’s why we shouldn’t trust many things. We have to see the real thing. It’s so sad that Singtao Daily is a must-subscribe newspaper for students. (*Hong Kong secondary schools recommend students to subscribe either Mingpao or Singtao. Then schools distribute the newspapers during lunchtime. )

Wai To: Jueus Fucking Christ, it’s fucking ridiculous!

6 thoughts on “Pro-Beijing Newspaper Blames Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protesters for Maid’s Death

  1. this is so stupid i don’t know if i should laugh of cry. waiting for next headline ‘people dying from flu pandemic because OCLP protesters bought all the umbrellas causing others to get wet and sick’. pathetic.

      1. I asked but when he went shopping it was sold out but he will ask in the company if there was some stupid crap like this. i still can’t believe someone was so high to connect the death of maid and OCLP

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