Hong Kong Netizens Found Anti-Occupy Central Thugs are Police

As Hong Kong police is allegedly behind a series of anti-Occupy-Central riots and refuse to arrest thugs who savaged peaceful student protesters and medical volunteers, Hong Kong netizens launched an online campaign to identify thugs themselves. In the age of social media, a “Facebook friend” isn’t necessarily a close friend or even a real life friend. Under such a background, these “Facebook friends”revealed the identities of some thugs. And to their surprise, among the identified thugs, police officers are found.


Angry protesters voiced their anger using a road sign of the government headquarters. The English part of the road sign was changed from “Central Government Headquarters” to “Central Government and TRAID Offices” while the Chinese part was changed from “政府總部” (Government Headquarters) to “黑社會總部” (Black Society Headquarters. Black Society means gangs.)


Up: Student protesters were holding umbrellas to shield police officers from the rain.
Down: A comic from Mingpao mocks that the police is shielding thugs who attack peaceful student protesters from the rain.

The thugs are actually police?




豬咁聰(His Facebook name means “Smart like a Pig” literally, a police officer)

Facebook Status 1: I’ve called Shui Fong (*a nickname for the triad society 和安樂 Wo On Lok.) and 14 (*a nickname for the triad society 新義安 Sun Yee On) to disperse the protesters. My brothers don’t need to work that hard. (*brothers means fellow police officers)

Facebook Status 2: Joshua Wong. You’ll be fucked up this time! All Hong Kong citizens occupy his home (Joshua Wong’s address inserted). Let Occupy South Horizon (where Joshua lives) spread everywhere . (He was at South Horizon while writing this status.)

Facebook Status 3: A photo of him in the police uniform

Facebook Status 4: His wedding photo

看中國(Epoch Times?):This man pretended to be a gang member and provoked protesters in Mongkok. At last, righteous and real gang members who support student protesters surrounded him and flipped his police ID card out of his collar. (Had I not witnessed it, I wouldn’t believe it)

The police officer’s Facebook was previously exposed as he posted a controversial status. With the news of him being a double agent in the riot, the screen captures of his Facebook was even shared more widely.

The police officer’s Facebook was previously exposed as he posted a controversial status

沐浴巨星(The officer’s “Facebook friend): [Shameful] From a Police Dog’s Facebook: I wish to clean up corpses in Mongkok
“Issac Ha (the officer): The police should just retreat. allowing them to fight for 3 days and 3 nights. Then we police pick up their corpses! ”

His police ID: pc 5417

Even more info was leaked after the news of him being a double agenet in the riot was released.

Highlighted line from the officer’s Facebook: If you wanna fight with me, no problem. After taking off my uniform, I don’t mind being called a woman-beater.

鍵盤小姐(a netizen): scary icons.

Netizens even printed out his Facebook profile and pasted it on a wall in one of the protest area, warning fellow protesters of police thugs


A police pretended to be a gang member.

Later, righteous and genuine gang members revealed the real identity of the police, whom immediately stated that he is a police to save his life.

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