Hong Kong Rich is Among Anti-Occupation Mob

As Hong Kong netizens discovered that Hong Kong Police is directly behind the Anti-Occupation riot, in which many student protesters were beaten and slashed, Hong Kong netizen launched a campaign to identify thugs themselves. As of today, the identified thugs are composed of paid gang members, police officers and even some of the rich in Hong Kong. One of the identified thug was even featured on BBC Business in the past.

The ID Campaign

An Owner of Two Mong Kok Cafes


Oct 5, 2014 Apple Daily

Headline: Cutter-Wielding Thugs Wounded Many Students.

Caption of the Photo: An Anti-Occupation supporter is wielding a cutter, cutting off the yellow ribbon (which represents the pro-democracy campaign) from the railings.

Starting from Line 8: Yesterday, thugs showed a flagrant disregard for the law, hurting armless students. Alex (a medical volunteer) said he was on duty at the first-aid station at Shanghai Commercial Bank and recalled that many injured students seek help. At least 3 students were slashed by cutters. “They were slashed by pedestrians while they were sitting or standing (in the occupation area). It’s terrible,” he recalled.  Students suffered injuries to their arms. Some students even had two wounds. Seeing the students’ wounds, medical volunteer at the station were all heartbroken. However, at that time, it was too chaotic to check how deep their slashed wounds were. He estimated that their wounds were about 1 to 2 in. long. “After having their wounds wrapped, the students said they had to return to the protest. It’s very moving,” said Alex. He believes that other first-aid stations had dealt with similar cases.

A netizen immediately posted the Facebook profile of the man who was photographed wielding a box cutter.

彼斯(a netizen): Anti-Occupy-Central Thugs Identification Zone: Mong Kok Dream Cafe!!!

(The man identified is called Stanley Chan Kwong Ho, who is believed to be one of the owners of Mong Kok Dream Cafe)

The Facebook status of Stanley Chan: I’ve no problem with protests. But, don’t fucking block the Nathan Road. Fuck! Clear off several lanes to let cars pass. Do you know that many people need to return home??? Many people need to go to Dream Cafe!!

彼斯: Boycott the cafe!!!!!!!!!!!!!Give (bad) reviews!!!!!!!!!!! Give (bad) ratings!!!!!!!!!!

Jewelry Store’s Founder

Another netizen identified that another thug is the founder of the jewelry chain, Forever Couple.

TTaeYeon: Besides Hee Kee (a restaurant whose boss is an identified thug), I suspect that a jewelry store’s owner had participated in anti-Occupation (riot) disrupting peace.

Omnipotent HKGoldener, can you identify him? Don’t let thugs slip away.

我是雪: Lai Yiu Kwong (http://www.famousbrands.asia/bsr-130922.asp)


Supplier of Military Training Equipment

The Facebook Page “反佔中暴徒確認中心“(Anti-Occupy-Central Thugs Identification Center) published that the boss of APS Limited Hong Kong, Lee Chi Keung, is another thug in the anti-Occupation riot.

The Owner of a Hardware Chain Store 

The thug identification center stated that the man in red circle is the boss of the Hardware chain store, Fu Kee Metal and Plumbing, which has 10 branches in Hong Kong.


The person in the red circle is the boss of Fu Kee Metal and Plumbing – Lau Wai. The company has many branches in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

In the afternoon of Oct 4th, inside the Mong Kok protest area, he provoked peaceful protesters, pulled down tents of the protesters and used violence against them.

The Heir to a Yacht Company

Anti-Occupy-Central Thugs Identification Center also published that the heir to a yacht company, Samuel Wong, leaded the mob to protest sites in Mong Kok and Causeway Bay. He was even interviewed by BBC Business in the past.


Anti-Occupy-Central Thugs Identification Center: Samuel Wong, the heir to a yacht company, is a trustee of Sai Kung Association of Industry and Commerce. Before August 17 (The First Anti-Occupy-Central Protest), he went to the Liaison Office to do the organization work. He’s the major leader of the Mong Kok anti-Occupation team.

A Facebook status from Samuel Wong: I hope that after we get Mong Kok, we can get Causeway Bay, with a bunch of enthusiastic citizens! I’m the leader! Go! Get back my Hong Kong.

Samuel Wong Featured on BBC Business

Netizens’ Comments

In March 2013, Hong Kong scholar Wan Chin predicted that Occupy Central (now Umbrella Revolution) will launch the class and generation wars in Hong Kong.



Wan Chin: Occupy Central will launch the class and generation wars of Hong Kong. The survival of Hong Kong depends on you.

Before big changes happen to a place, class and generation wars are a necessary step. The so-called Occupy Central will officially launch Hong Kong’s class and generation wars. The launching of Occupy Central isn’t an explosion that will blow up Beijing; instead, the launching is an implosion of Hong Kong – officially reveals class conflict and generation divisions in Hong Kong.


Matthew: As expected, anti-Occupy-Central supporters are mostly bosses/business owners No wonder they’ve so much money to hire thugs. They’re all vested interests.


大無大全:Yellow Ribbon (pro-democracy) = Citizens (Yup)

Blue Ribbon (police, blue is the color of the police uniform)  = Big Companies (Clown)



駱: Many (of the supporters) are medium and small businesses, which have no negotiation power with the government. Therefore, they kowtow to the government. This example (APS Limited) shows that if a gun shop doesn’t surrender to the public safety (Mainland Chinese term for Police), there’ll be a license check daily!

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