Chinese Spies Turned Mongkok Protest Site into Party Zone

After Hong Kong government calls off talks with Hong Kong Federation of Students, Left Plastic (左膠), which is a group of Chinese spies in the form of anti-CCP left wing, suddenly moved a mahjong table and party equipment into the Mongkok occupation site and turned the area into a party zone. The sights of mahjong playing and partying were immediately featured on Oriental Daily/The Sun, two pro-Beijing sister newspapers. In the end, the Left Plastic was surrounded by other protesters and driven out of the site.

Left Plastic

Left Plastic (左膠) means Chinese spies in the form of anti-CCP left wing. At first, “plastic” (膠) was an euphemism for the Cantonese obscenity “dick” (鳩). Over the course of time, it has become a suffix attached to political orientations to mean “fanatics”, e.g. 大中華膠 (pan-Chinese nationalistic plastic). Left Plastic is responsible for the dissolution of Anti-National Education protest in 2012 and Hong Kong Television protest in 2013.

Poster Warning Protesters of Left Plastic – “Don’t Trust Left Plastic”
English Version of the Poster

A row of posters warning people of Left Plastic were pasted on a wall in a protest area.

Turning Mongkok Protest Site into Party Zone

Chow Nok Hang, a member of 左膠21 (Left Wing 21) who was filmed advocating discussions and votes of the removal of road blocks, moved party equipment to the Mongkok occupation area and called on people to have party there. .

Chow was filmed advocating the removal of road blocks in a Youtube video “CCP Spies Incite People to Remove Road Blocks”


Chow wrote on his Facebook that he had moved party equipment to the Mongkok occupation area and called on people to join his party


Chow Nok Hang (attaching the link to the Facebook Page: More Possibilities from the Occupation. The Opening of the Mong Kok New Public Estate): (The function will be held on) Oct 9th 2014, Thursday, Please wait to be seated at 7pm. It will start at 8pm.

We’ve mahjong, chess, table tennis, football, basketball, beer, UNO, popcorn machine, marshmallow machine, hotpots, a projector to film old-school Kung-Fu movies!

Come! Have fun! Have a drink! Have something to eat! Have something to share! Have something to play! Please bring furniture, toys and kitchen utensils useful to the party.



The Facebook page SOCREC uploaded a photo of Chow playing mahjong. Seeing such a scene, netizens/protesters warn each other that the Left Plastic attempts to ruin the occupy protest.

Chow, on the upper right hand hand corner, was photographed playing mahjong inside Mongkok occupation area.

Chow further uploaded photos of him having fun in the area.
(Link: )

Chow:  Playing 24 rounds of mahjong, that’s what I called a real long-term battle

Chow uploaded a photo of a marshmallow machine.

Chow: Marshmallow !

Party Scenes on Pro-Beijing Newspaper

The party scenes were immediately featured on Oriental Daily/The Sun, two pro-Beijing sister newspapers.


The Left Plastic’s party has even become the front page of today’s Oriental Daily.

Netizens’ Comments


唐生大地震 (commented on the photos from Oriental Daily): Basically, those who played mahjong and had hotpots are from the same group!


拳四朗: Left Plastic will never do anything right! They either tell people to leave or remove road blocks! Messing things up and making things look silly are what they excelled at. You say they aren’t spies? Nobody believes it. Oriental Daily rushed to take photos? The whole thing is coordinated with the smearing campaign of the Umbrella Revolution.

No wonder the SAR government said it doesn’t need to communicate with the students. It’s because they are dissolving the protest! The transportation industry announced that they will mobilize people to clear road blocks on Wednesday. It turns out that the government has already advance.


Ma: I’m very worried…. ><  Motherfucking Left Plastic.  Their cunning speech and ingratiating manner ruin Hong Kong!!!

Hip Kee (a local blogger): While protesters were busy removing tables and stoves, Left Plastic had successfully delayed Occupy Mongkok protesters’ plan. Originally, as Carrie Lam refused to communicate with the students, tonight was the propitious time for Mongkok protesters to escalate the protest. Now, they are busy getting rid of spies and have lost the golden opportunity inadvertently.

Meanwhile, in Admiralty, the head of Left Plastic, Yip Po-lam, and “Three Shames” (the three major figures of Occupy Central with Love and Peace, OCLP) including Chan Kin-man can’t wait to rebuild the “convention” by seizing up the occupation areas and then allowing the Hong Kong Communist Government to eliminate them all!

Some netizens also created another type of poster educating the public who are the heads of Left Plastic and how to avoid being conned by the notorious figures.

English Version of the Poste


In wake of the smearing campaign, angry netizens/protesters made another set of new posters with photos of Left Plastic partying in the Mongkok protest area.

Poster on the left: Be careful of the Chinese spy Chow Nok Hang, who dumbs the resistance movement down.

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