Hong Kong Police Featured on the Cover of Gang Comic

As Hong Kong police’s image reached its nadir because of its collusion with gangs and violence against peaceful protesters, the legendary gang-themed local comic 古惑仔* (“Gang Members” literary) featured them on the cover of its latest issue. The ironic cover, which features three tattoo-wearing policemen under the comic’s title “Gang Members”, has become a favorite among protesters. One protester in Mong Kok even held up the gang comic in front of the police and took a photo, which many Hong Kong netizens regard as “a perfect match”.

*The official English title for 古惑仔 is “Teddyboy”.

Perfect Match: A protester in Mong Kok was holding the ironic cover, which features three tattoo-wearing policemen under the title “Gang Members”, in front of the police.

Words from the Comic Creator

Words from Ngau Lou (the creator)

1st paragraph: When you see the cover of the latest issue, you may find it weird, “Why is it different from the last “preview?” It’s because the chief editor of GAMEONE shared a message from the online writer xxharuki on Facebook, whom wish  that the police would be featured on the cover of the “Gang Members” someday! Hmm… My first reaction was, “Let me think about it, because I understand that featuring the police on the cover at this period of time would convey what kind of message!” To be honest, I feel heavy-hearted as I created the cover…. Because I’ve lots of friends whom are police, and I greatly respect some of them…. Oh! I though about it for a night and finally made up my mind, “Go!”. I don’t need to elaborate my reason. I simply explain in one sentence  –  one rotten apple spoils the barrel!

PS. In the past, I quite trusted the Hong Kong Police. However, recently…. I feel that Hong Kong police has become a political tool that colludes with gangs! It’s depressing!


古惑仔 was also made into a popular gang-themed movie series, “Young and Dangerous”, in the late 90’s and early 00’s.

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