Hong Kong Police Suspected of Attacking Protesters with Feces


SocREC: At 8:25 pm, a kid was hit by one of the 4 bags of feces and red paint that were thrown out from the high floor of Tao Tak Building, which is located at 642-646 Nathan Road in Mong Kok

Reported by Paul



Apple Daily reported that the kid had been at Mong Kok’s protest site for at least 2 hours before he was hit by the “red fecal bomb”.



(9:47pm) We suspect that the police was at the rooftop while feces was being thrown out.

Volunteers from People Powers (a political party) told reporters that they immediately rushed to the rooftop of Tao Tak Building after the first bag of “feces bomb” was thrown out. They said the police had already been there when they arrived. The volunteers then asked the police officers if they witnessed the attack. However, the officers claimed that they failed to notice it as they were facing the direction of Jordan when it happened. The volunteers found that there were traces of feces on the rooftop and suspect that the culprit(s) spilled them on the floor.

Reported by Tai Cho

Netizens’ Comments

Sze: I suspect that the police carried out the fecal attack themselves, so that they could create chaos and use it as the excuse to disperse protesters.

Wu: The speculation above is logical.

Yeung: The police officers shitted???

チウ フィリップ: The public safety did it. (The police did it)

Wan: The police officers were guarding the place. Where did they shit?



Tomi: A bunch of shitty police thugs!

Mark: Police officers had already guarded the rooftop when volunteers arrived. Why were they there?  Do they have the ability to foresee things or….. Next time, the volunteers should smell the police officers’ bodies or hands to see if they stink.

Sam: Sir, have you wiped your ass yet?

Jack: They look very suspicious.

全: The police did it also.

Update: Full Story from One of the Volunteers, Terrance Chiu


Terrence Chiu:

I’m old and unfit, Therefore, when I rushed to the rooftop on the 16th floor, my comrades had already arrived. In the corner of the rooftop stood three constables. The trio ignored the volunteers and reporters and weren’t shocked at all.

I glanced around and found a paint can. On the side facing Nathan Road, there were a ruptured plastic bag and traces of spilled paint.

I asked other volunteers to take photos of the place and the traces of paint spilled from the ruptured plastic bag in a corner. Then, I turned around and talked to the police officers there.


Me: Sir, do you mind if I write down your collar number?

The two constables had no problem with it. Then, I had the following conversation with the third one, a sergeant.

Sergeant: If I refuse your request, will you write it down?

Me: Sir, I’m trying to be polite with you. Even if you refuse my request, I’ll still write it down. However, if you don’t need all the politeness, then I’ll talk straightforwardly. Sir, someone threw out several plastic bags containing paint and feces from here. I only want to look for evidences. For how long have you guarded this rooftop?

Sergeant: Ever since the dusk.

Me: Sir, have you seen anyone throwing things out here?

Sergeant: The order I received is to monitor this side (southbound of Nathan Road). I’ve no idea what has happened!

Me: Sir, it’s just two to three meters away from you, and you’ve no idea that someone has committed a crime in here? There’re evidences that one of the plastic bags ruptured in here. You should have heard the sound of it!

Sergeant: I heard nothing.

Then, I started to reason with the sergeant, who was obviously being perfunctory. Therefore, I spoke even more straightforwardly with him.

Me: Sir, I think you know what has happened. And I even suspect that you may be related to the fecal attack. I’ve to call the police now.

The sergeant was annoyed.

Sergeant: Go head. Now, tell me what kind of report you wanna make and what you saw.

Me: Sir, I’ve told you what I had seen already. Now, instead of asking me what I had seen, it should be your responsibility to investigate the case. Only you and your colleagues were here when it happened. How could I know what had happened?

The sergeant then asked for my ID card. It was in my bag, which was inside the tent down the street. Therefore, Ka-ming (another volunteer) came to rescue and negotiate with the officers. The atmosphere got very tensed.

Then, I showed the photo of the child who got hit in the attack to the police officers.

Me: He’s just a small kid! Sir, how can you be so cruel!

After a heated argument, Brother Tsuen said he had called the police down the street. Therefore, we all went down.

From the beginning, there were lots of doubtful points: The police officers on the rooftop didn’t react to the crowd, didn’t pacify the crowd, didn’t ask for the details, simply stood there like film extras and continued with their monitoring work, which was looking at the southbound of Nathan Road.


The size of the rooftop isn’t very large. It’s impossible for the police officers not to notice criminal activities, especially a bag with paint inside ruptured just two to three meters away from them..
The sergeant was enraged when we asked him reasonable questions. It seemed that he didn’t want to resolve the problem and waited for his colleagues to come.
After I showed the child’s photo, the police officers suddenly became speechless.
I don’t know how to photoshop, so I don’t want to upload the photo of the scared child. Sorry for that!

The collar numbers of the three police officers: 13603, 52495, and Sergeant 15641.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Police Suspected of Attacking Protesters with Feces

  1. 搵黑社會搗亂毆打市民, 警員揸女示威者胸部, 縱放襲擊市民匪徒, 畜意用鋼頭警棍嚴重傷害市民頭部, 圍毆出聲無辜市民, 呢d香港特區黑警公安, 有乜嘢做唔出.

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