Chinese Infant Formula Smuggler Beaten in Dutch Drugstore

According to the Facebook Page “Nummer 39 Met Rijst” (a pro-Asian Facebook Group in the Netherlands), a Chinese infant formula smuggler was beaten by 3 security guards inside a Dutch drugstore for hoarding Nutrilon infant formula. The page has taken down the original post under the request of the beaten man’s family.

The purpose of bringing the post back into light is to show the tension between Dutch and Chinese infant formula smugglers.


(Brief Translation)

CHINESE MAN assaulted by security guards at KRUIDVAT (a chain drugstore in the Netherlands) ROTTERDAM. WITNESSES WANTED!

On Saturday, April 4th (around 9:20 am), a 52-year-old Chinese man who doesn’t’ speak fluent Dutch, wanted to buy Nurtrilon infant formula at Kruidvat (the drugstore) in Zuidplein, Rotterdam. Staffs there did not allow him to buy infant formula because they thought he had already bought it on that day. However, the man said he hadn’t. As he doesn’t speak fluent Dutch, he tried to communicate with them using body language. However, the staffs couldn’t understand him and it leaded to an altercation.

A security guard wanted to bring the man into the office so that they could discuss the issue. At that time, 2 other security guards entered the store and pressed him on the floor. Then, the security guards hit his face, back and chest. The man saw a lot of blood on the ground, but no one helped him. He saw someone’s shoe wipe away the blood. He suffered facial and rib bone injuries.

After about 2 hours the police came, the Chinese man was arrested as a suspect and taken to the police station. He was detained for one and half days. He told the police that he was assaulted by the security guards, but the police did not believe him. The security guards denied the accusation and there was no videotape showing the abuse. The security guards just handed the videotape showing the argument, not the entire incident.

The Chinese man has reported the case to another police station and is getting legal assistance. However, he is looking for witnesses. Kruidvat’s employees: Please be honest. Think about your own father: what if he is abused, what would you do?

Infant Formula Smuggling is Still a Problem in Germany and the Netherlands

In 2013, German newspaper Bild reported the infant formula smuggling issue with the headline “Chinesen Trinken Duetschen Babys Die Milch Weg!” (Chinese drink German babies’ milk away). In 2015, Bild reported the issue again with the headline “REGALE GEPLÜNDERT. Chinesen trinken Frankfurts Babys die Milch weg!” (SHELVES LOOTED. Chinese drink Frankfurt babies’ milk away).

Credit for the upper photo:

Recently on Weibo, Chinese smugglers complain that it’s hard to get infant formula in the Netherlands and some supermarkets only allow 1 tin of infant formula per purchase.



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