Taiwanese Protest Against Chinese “Sightseeing Bully”

According to Taiwan People News,

The banner says,
The banner says, “The hen can’t produce eggs. Instead, it defecates. Hamasen people have had enough!”

“Chinese tourists make me angry!” Residents held a flash mob to protest against tour buses entering Hamasen (in Kaohsiung)

“The hen can’t produce eggs. Instead, it defecates. (Taiwanese idiom) Hamasen people have had enough!” On April 29th, Hamasen Vision League held a flash mob to express their wish of restricting big tour bus from entering Hamasen……

Hamasen district suffers from the constant invasion of tour buses, especially those transporting large number of Chinese tourists, which seriously affected locals’ daily lives. At 4 pm, Hamsen Vision League, bringing along a self-made Qing-era cannon, held a “flashmob street occupation” and blocked tour buses on the road. Their aim is to strive for a no-tour-bus living environment. Hamasen Vision League calls on the city government to “implement a traffic restriction which bans tour buses from entering Hamasen” immediately. The organization also urges the government to study the proposed restriction with cultural, sightseeing, transportation, and environmental aspects.

The Flashmob

(Source: Formosa TV’s YouTube Channel)

What’s “Sightseeing Bully”?

In Apr 2012. the neighborhood magistrate of Shaochuantou, Yang Zong Jheng, said, “That’s sightseeing bully. Bringing in so many Chinese tourists to the area, 5000 of them daily, and what they bring are traffic chaos, rubbish, and then a complete mess.”

(Source: Formosa TV’s YouTube Channel)

Sightseeing at the Expense of Locals’ Lives

On May 2014, China Television System (CTS) investigated the complaint lodged by the residents of Sizihwan and nearby (which includes Hamasen). The news program reported that the increased tour bus traffic attributes to accidents on the narrow and windy roads daily.

Traffic Accidents
A tour bus killed a local rider in Sizihwan

More Anti-Chinese Protest to Come?

The following is the Facebook Event Page of “Chinese Tourists Get Out of Hamasen. We Don’t Want Sky Bridge!“, a protest against the construction of “Sky Bridge” in Sizihwan, which is regarded as a future site for Chinese tourists. The protest will be held on 7th July at the former British Consulate at Takou.


A brief description from the page

These two years, I wonder how you feel when you go to Hamasen and the former British Consulate at Takou? Maybe I should ask, for how long you’ve lost the desire to visit Sizihwan?

At every dusk, big tour buses come and go, and park haphazardly on the narrow two-way roads. Everywhere is swamped by noisy Chinese tourists – at the Sizihwan Plaza, outside of the former British Consulate at Takou, up on the mountain, at the foothill, on the roads…

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