Why did I start such a blog?

I started this blog in early 2011. It was originally a small dictionary that introduced people about politically incorrect Hong Kong usages.

Later, I noticed that many Mainland Chinese Internet news blogs portrayed Hong Kong through the view of Mainland Chinese, and even worse, their sources are CCTV and other Mainland Chinese media. On the same time, I found that there wasn’t one English blog that paints the political picture of Hong Kong from Hongkongers’ view. Most importantly, many Hongkongers write in Cantonese online, which isn’t even taught in Hong Kong officially. Therefore, I changed my direction from explaining terms into writing internet news. It is extremely sad that the voice of Hong Kong netizens is almost invisible in the English language media.

About Netizens’ Comments

My first source of Hongkonger’s comments is Facebook groups. My second source is HKGolden since it is uncensored and always mentioned in local media.

Why don’t I give original links of comments? Why do I blur people’s profile pictures and names?

The political atmosphere of Hong Kong is not as free as one sees from the outside. Anti-China/anti-Communist Party/anti-government comments may cost people their friendships, love lives and even jobs.

38 thoughts on “About

  1. it’s so sad to see the fact that Hong Kongers hate mainland Chinese people that much. but they call mainland Chinese people locust, this is not right.

  2. Your blog and content are great, really appreciate your effort in translating all the hot issues and posts. Please keep the good work up, you are opening a door for people who don’t understand Chinese but want to understand and care about what’s going on in HK. Thank you.

  3. Your blog is a fantastic blog covering the latest developments on Mainland v HK issues, which I’m very intrigued about being a British Chinese with Hong Kong residency. I have posted a link from my British Chinese blog to your badcanto blog. Please take a look at my blog too, we cover all the controversial issues that affect the Chinese in the UK such as mainland migration to the UK, the destructive effects of inter racial breeding/marriage on the Chinese community and of course what goes on in the Far East.


  4. This blog is great. Thank you for putting translations up for articles and forum posts. It helps a great deal in understanding complex issues.

  5. I love HK and its issues but feel I miss something only able to read English language news. Thank you, very, very much. I love the site.

  6. Yes, I’ve first come across your canto picture dict but sadly found that it was abandoned. What a pity !
    But this new project is great too. Go on, please. Thank you.

  7. I’m with a Canadian national radio program hoping to do some interviews about the tensions between Hong Kongers and mainlanders. Could I reach you about this? Email in the form below.

  8. Keep writing this blog, I (and many others in HK) would happily donate to your defense fund if you landed yourself in jail.

    BTW, you can get around the law by having this blog hosted outside of HK

  9. Hi, I’m Yohanes from Indonesia. I have visited hong kong several time and I agree with you that as I am a tourist, I always wanted hong kong using the traditional chinese, cantonese dialect, and the unique hong kong culture. I support you!!

  10. This blog is fantastic! At last I can get the English version of all these little stories that the English papers don’t cover yes!
    Only one thing, can you make a FB page as I always forget to read these blogs but I will remember through my FB feed…pretty please

  11. Thank you for starting this blog. The world needs to know what is happening in Hong Kong. China is trying to assimilate a New York-like city and downgrade the human right of people living in it. Hong Kong is its own country and does not belong to China. Everyone should realize that China will never accept Hong Kong culture, education, legal, political and economic system. Looking back at the history, the only option for Hong Kong is to declare independence from China and start its own country, FAST. Hong Kong is my homeland and I do not want to see it deteriorates. Although I live in Canada now, I will spread the word to let the world know how China breaks Hong Kong apart after 1997.

  12. Hi! I’m a Hong Kong teenager living in Sydney, Australia, and I frequently read HK news sites etc. What you’re doing is brilliant. It not only publicises HK netizens’ views but allows people like me to understand HK better. Please keep it up.

  13. Big supporter, keep up the good work!!!! I’m australian hongkie and its great to know what’s really going on back home. It’s really painful to see hong kong as it is now, hopefully things will get better …..

  14. You and this blog are a GOD SEND! I have always wanted to be as informed as possible about the happenings of Hong Kong outside of the English media. Thank you so much!

  15. Just wanted to say thanks for starting this blog. I’ll be checking it regularly to keep up with the goings-on. There aren’t many other English-language local sources on HK politics/political discussions. Add oil!

  16. I bloody love this website. You are amazing and I definitely am thankful you started this website! I will be coming back here oh so frequently!

  17. I visit this blog almost every day. It seems to be the only way to understand what’s going on in HK. My Cantonese is still not good enough to keep up with the news flow, so your blog is a great help to keep up. Thank you so much

  18. Thank you for all the updates on Hong Kong happenings/perspectives! This is the only site I know of that so thoroughly posts from the perspectives of Hong Kong people in English. Thanks for allowing English speakers to understand Hong Kong opinions and keep up the good work! I wish I was fluent in Cantonese so that I might try to do the same.

  19. Hello! I’m very appreciative of this blog that you have spent a lot of time and effort to build it. As a non-Chinese Liberal Studies student, this blog has helped me get some deeper insights into certain issues. The blog not only entertains me but also helps my studies. I’ve recommended this blog to some of my fellow classmates and they also love it very much so I would just like to say thank you!

  20. Just quick comment. Would love to hear HK reaction to the passing of Margaret Thatcher, consider how much of a part she played in HK’s history!

  21. I very much appreciate your effort in keeping this blog updated. Invaluable for me in understanding the issues and the nature of how HK is changing. I live in Wales, UK, origins of many famous revolutionary figures against tyrany – in the past the Engish and were active in forming workers’ unions where there were none.

  22. Hey dude your blog is just awesome. Do you have a facebook fanpage for your blog? It’ll much easier for others to keep an eye on your website, coz people nowadays never bother to subscribe a RSS feed.

    1. Setting up a Facebook page means asking for trouble. I used to be an admin of an anti-Mainlandisation Facebook group (had been ruined by Facebook). I simply couldn’t deal with Mainland Chinese who tried to swamp my group with insults…. It’s a nightmare to maintain controversial pages on Facebook.

  23. I know updating this blog is hard work, but please keep it up because I am forwarding your website to the important policy makers in Europe and America. I might be able to help with translation when I am free….
    Thanks much again for keeping up this wonderful blog

  24. BTW, can you please recommend any more English-language websites/pages that illustrate the grave situation in Hong Kong now?

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