Taiwanese Protest Against Chinese “Sightseeing Bully”

Taiwanese Protest Against Chinese “Sightseeing Bully”


Hong Kong Netizens’ Reactions to Singaporean Anti-Mainland Chinese Sentiment

From 2012-5-15 Apple Daily, Drunk Driving, Ferrari Ran Red Light, Collided with a Taxi, Killed Three. Mainland Chinese Tycoon Killed People (*The tycoon died as well), Stirs Up Anti-Chinese Sentiment. In the video, there are some comments from Singaporean. online_singaporean3: These Mainland Chinese pigs drove while being drunk , not only killing themselves, even killed…

Anti-Locust Singaporean Version

Singaporeans outraged over PRC scholar’s ‘dog’ comment Follow-up PRC scholar Sun Xu seeks help from the Chinese Embassy in Singapore pleading for second chance to ‘repay’ Singapore Netizens put up local version of Hong Kong ‘locust ad’ to protest against NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu Anti-Locust Singaporean Version “Do you want Singapore to spend $36,000,000 yearly to…