Hong Kong TV Series Sparks Outrage in China

Xinhua News reported that TVB’s series “Friendly Fire” has provoked outrage in Mainland China and netizens demand an apology from the station, as the series depicts a Mainland Chinese pregnant woman eating hot pot inside a hospital ward. Over 17K Hong Kong netizens ask TVB not to make any apologies.


TVB’s Tuesday Report on Double Negative Provokes Netizen

According to Oriental Daily Broadcasting Authority stated on yesterday that they received 56 complaints for TVB’s Tuesday report, which was aired on this Tuesday (*Feb 28). All of them complain that the report gives inaccurate information and misleads the public. From 2009, Netizen started calling TVB as CCTVB, which is the combination of CCTV and…

Mainland Chinese Mothers Abandon Sick Babies in Hong Kong and Blood Bank is in Emergency

According to Headline Daily Gate crashing Pregnant Women Abandon Sick Babies, Double Negative Children Occupy Hospital Bedrooms, Blood Bank is in Emergency In order to get Hong Kong birth certificates, double negative pregnant women (*both the women and her husbands are Mainlander) rush to emergency wards to give birth at the last minute risking their…