Hong Kong: A Heartless and Soulless City with No Memory

Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese’s special on the 15th anniversary of the Handover. The following is a collection of newspaper articles and personal essays on the awakening of Hong Kong’s soullessness.


Hong Kong Netizens’ Reactions to Singaporean Anti-Mainland Chinese Sentiment

From 2012-5-15 Apple Daily, Drunk Driving, Ferrari Ran Red Light, Collided with a Taxi, Killed Three. Mainland Chinese Tycoon Killed People (*The tycoon died as well), Stirs Up Anti-Chinese Sentiment. In the video, there are some comments from Singaporean. online_singaporean3: These Mainland Chinese pigs drove while being drunk , not only killing themselves, even killed…

Inside “More Than Ten Thouands Hongkonger Strongly Object to Self-drive Tour (from China) Destroying Hong Kong”

Here’s the report if you miss the original post. I am going to translate members’ comments from the Facebook group “more than ten thousands Hongkonger object to self-drive tour (from China) destroying Hong Kong” (多過十萬港人強烈反對自駕遊下月摧毀香港). Siu: For the sake of Hongkonger’s life. Need to support! Lee: Within three days, the number of member is now…