HK News and Political Picture Glossary

“(Hong Kong) Tomorrow will be Better” Parade Car Killed a British Woman and Wounded 31 People in Feb 1997


“Car Ruined Human Died”
If China Hong Kong were a novel, then “Car Ruined Human Died” would be the motif.

(Mainland Chinese) Self-Drive Tour (to Hong Kong) = “Car Ruined People Died”

Double Negative
Both the pregnant woman and her husband are Mainland Chinese

Gate Crashing
Double negative who gave birth in the emergency ward.

Political Trickster
Elected representatives who voted against the welfare of their supporters.

Protect King Party
Pro-Beijing political party

Protect Locust Party
Political parties that support the welfare of Mainlander.

Really Bitter
In Cantonese, “really bitter” is a homophone of “government”

***to be continued***

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