Impression of CY Leung by Netizens

We can import nurses from Guangdong, says CY Leung

As the rumour that Xi Jinping supports CY leung spreads, netizen repost his interview about industrialisation of Hong Kong health care in 2009, in which he said Hong Kong should let Mainlander come more easily in order to boost health care business and could import nurse from Guangdong to relieve nurse shortage. The interview caused public outrage in 2009.…


Xi Jinping shook hands with CY Leung’s supporters FIRST

Xi Jinping’s 8-character slogan “兄弟同心,其利斷金” (brothers same heart, its benefit break gold) resonates with CY Leung’s slogan “齊心” (same heart). Many netizen think Xi Jinping supports CY Leung, and the thought scares them at the same time. Update: Netizen also discovered that the name of Xi Jinping’s mother is “齊心”!

The Bathroom in the Master Bedroom

Half-Billion “Big House of the Tsangs”

The headline of today Oriental Daily Corrupt all over Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Enjoy on the Sea, land and in the air The Care of a tycoon Half-Billion “Big House of the Tsangs” The headline to today Apple Daily The New Home of the Chief Executive The Care of the Tycoon Move to Donghai…