Chinese Nationalism – The Root of Hong Kong’s Pain

Netizens believe that this Baodiao action is to shift focus away from Hong Kong internal problems, especially when awareness of defending Hong Kong is growing.


The Victory of CY Leung: The Death of Hong Kong

Protest Votes from this small-circle election Unfortunate Coincidences 飛鳥盡涼宮藏: Taiwan’s Ma Ying-jeou was elected with 6.89 million votes. Hong Kong’s CY Leung was elected with 689 votes! (Ridiculous icon) CY Leung to Ma Ying-jeou: Join “one country two systems”, you are guaranteed to be elected! 的士怒漢: CY Leung, 689 votes, 6+8+9=? Sad_Pistols: 23 (*The unlucky…