Spot the Mainlander

I now set up a gallery called “Spot the Mainlander”, which is coined by International Herald Tribune,  to illustrate the “arrogance” and “chauvinism” of Hongkonger and their “apocryphal” stories.

According to International Herald Tribune,
The local pastime of “Spot the Mainlander” has long been an amusing diversion in Hong Kong, although it often smacks of arrogance or chauvinism. Everyone seems to have a story — almost certainly apocryphal by now — about a mainland mother holding her naked child by the wrists over a trash can to make toilet. These stories are often set in one of Hong Kong’s marbled, gleaming and obsessively clean shopping malls.

On Feb 25th, 2012

“I witness this scene. A Strong Country (*Mainland China) person is defecating in Sai Yeung Choi Street (*a very crowded street)! Wiping his bottom now! Some Hongkonger scold them. The mother takes her action as a matter of course and even scolds back! This is not the action of human!”

Uploader Winnie: “Hong Kong is being gang-raped by them!”

機癲: These days, Mainlander are all powerful. Will they listen to you if you ask them not to defecate (on the street)? Hong Kong government only tell Hongkonger to “tolerate”. Taking photos (of these behaviors) and putting them on the internet are the only rights that Hongkonger have. Do you find it laughable?

On a popular Mainland Chinese forum, Baidu

风流快客: Mainland Chinese kid openly defecate on the prosperous street of Hong Kong. Once again, it tells Hongkonger who is the boss.

Feb 28th 2012
Inside Fanling Maternal and Child Health Centre (*part of public health care system)

From Jan 4th 2012 Apple Daily,

Among all the babies that Fanling Maternal and Child Health Centre serve everyday, 80% are the children of Mainland Chinese. Inside the Centre’s washrooms, recently, there are lots of signs asking users not to pee on the wash basin or defecate on the urinal bowl. Sanitation workers say Mainland Chinese parents are accustomed to letting their children urinate and defecate on the wash basin and floor. They don’t listen to persuasions and therefore signs are posted.

Sanitation workers are scolded
The supervisor of the sanitation group, Ms To, says since the trend of Mainland Chinese parents giving birth in Hong Kong increases, there are at least one to two complaints every week about feces found on wash basins, the floor and urinal bowls. This creates serious hygiene problem. Ms To also says, “Sanitation workers’ persuasions were ignored.  They were even scolded and criticised as inhuman. We can only comfort ourselves that “there is gold to pick up”. (*The euphemism for “feces” is “gold” in Cantonese.)

A few weeks ago, I came across a radio programme on PRI that discussed conflict between Hongkonger and Mainland Chinese.

Growing Rift Between Hong Kong and Mainland China

Mainland tourists have given Hong Kong’s economy a boost, but annoy Hong Kongers with what’s often seen as uncouth and brash behavior. Mainlanders could point to uncouth behavior by Hong Kongers, too. Quan Xixi, a Mainland graduate student in journalism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, says a friend of hers was spat on because she was speaking Mandarin on the phone to her mother back in Mainland China.
“My friend just cried, and called me to ask for help,” says Quan Xixi. “This made me very angry. I think there are always some extremist people and – I don’t like their attitude.”

Netizen’s comment on post-SARS economy

A Hong Kong netizen on SARS, individual travel scheme and Mainland Chinese tourists

特務硬J: Beijing covered up SARS and hurt Hong Kong. I have not yet counted this. Later, locusts even brag how they save Hong Kong through individual visit scheme (*a scheme that allows Mainland Chinese to travel to Hong Kong). They are really shameless.

While Hongkonger’s stories are “apocryphal”, albeit with photos and videos. Mainland Chinese questionable story blackening Hongkonger was aired all over the world. However, when their uncouthness manage to stir up social and political problems in other counties like Singapore and Myanmar, it is a futile effort to portrait Mainland Chinese as victims of discrimination and jealousy by Hongkonger.

From DW Chinese,

Unpopular Chinese

“Wenn die Chinesen so weitermachen und weiterhin so rüde sind, wird das irgendwann in Gewalt umschlagen” (DW Chinese didn’t write this out. “If the Chinese continue to do so and be so rude, it will eventually turn into violence”)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung analysed on Feb 29th 2012 that as more and more Chinese immigrated to Myanmar, diplomats can see “a big political unknown” from the tension between local and Chinese.
The essay says, “By estimation, in last decade, the ratio of Chinese in Mandalay (the second-largest city in Myanmar) raises from 30% to 40%. The newspaper also quotes a speech of a female lawyer, “these days, Chinese group becomes bigger and bigger, and more and more arrogant. The behavior of Chinese is uncivilised. People think they are “bossy and loud”. The anger towards them grows bigger and bigger. “

From the old blog of Woeser, a Tibetan blooger who is under house arrest in Beijing right now.

Photo-Taking Violence in Tibet
A few years ago, in Jokhang, the most popular temple in Lhasa, I saw an argument about photo-taking which is still vivid in my memory.
One side is two Mainland men with full gears of cameramen, another side is two Chinese nuns and two Tibetan women, who were originally speaking with a red robe monk. The former wants exploration but the later doesn’t want to be in their pictures. Therefore, they argued. The most interesting thing is that the two men are angrier than those who are disturbed by them. The fierce fire of anger lit up their faces. “Why can’t we take photos? What rights do you have to forbid us from taking pictures? ” Their tone is aggressive and the way they hold their cameras is like holding weapons. And their reason is that temple is a public place, therefore they can take whatever pictures they want.  This is our rights. The reason giving by another side is that temple is sacred place, we aren’t public figures, and we are certainly not exhibits.
The say of rights isn’t that simple. It delivers the feeling of authority. Such feeling may come from their cameramen idenity, or may come from their own personalities, or even from imperialism inside their hearts. I see this from my instinct.

Photo Credits: Invisible Tibet

34 thoughts on “Spot the Mainlander

  1. Its amusing, though I’m not seeing the point of this persecution since those in HK are already aware if this. Mainlanders who go to HK are not going to change their habits, so all you’re going to do is create hate against mainland China, for who? I have to say its for the international global community, since the international community only see one race- Chinese, you are generating sinophobia against your own race.

    1. Unfortunately I see that you fail to realize this post is to respond the New York Times comment of ” smacks of arrogance or chauvinism”; almost certainly apocryphal” and “obsessively clean shopping malls” I personally find the terms NYT chose are not neutral. (I don’t see that being written as an opinion piece). I personally appreciate the opportunity to see these pictures with my own eyes because I just could not believe that is true. And yes, Mainlanders would not change they way they behave, but I think with enough exposure, maybe the HK government will do something in punishing these uncivilized visitors according to the laws.
      I don’t believe these pictures generate hatre – I believe they act as proof that HKers are not causing a havoc without a cause. It is up to the person(s) who see these pictures to decided how they would feel about Mainlanders afterwards. Belonging to the same race does not equal to having the same culture. But some common sense etiquette would be nice from anyone regardless of race, culture, religion or education background. “Do what Romans do in Rome” is universal, I believe. So it’s not wrong for HKers to demand some common sense from their visitors, like anyone would.

      1. I agreee completely with you, Outsider! These pictures should definitely not be used as a form to create hate, it does serve an important purpose – to highlight that the worries of the HKers are not without basis!

        I find it to be EXTREMELY worrying that Hong Kong’s society is falling into a relapse, a state where people can just whip out their junk, to do their business… I don’t care if it’s a kid either. As parents, you could run towards the nearest toilets to use, or maybe even to a quiet corner… You just cannot, absolutely cannot, let your kid do their business in front of some many people. It’s wrong on so many levels.

        This behaviour also means that, most likely, the next generation (those naked kids in the photos), will grow up to be obscene parents dangling their naked children over public bins and letting them dump their sh*t in their.

        As you can see, with my tone of writing, I’m beginning to get increasingly frustrated. And I’ll end my rant here.

    2. Not true. I don’t see one race. I see two cultures. The mainland Chinese have some catching up to do when it comes to hygiene. I have a Western friend who is quitting his job after a year because he can’t stand the rudeness and lack of hygiene. Mothers take their babies in to piss in the potted plants in his building lobby all the time, and the lobby attendant does nothing so the lobby always smells of urine. People spit in the street constantly, chew with their mouths opens, crunch down on bones and spit out the remnants, push past you, cut in line… none of this is acceptable in most other cultures. Hong Kong should start giving parents tickets with expensive fines. And by the way, there is such a thing as diapers.

      1. Hong Kong government is a Beijing lapdog, I suppose you all know. Instead of enforcing the law that bans answering the call of nature in the public, Hong Kong government officials simply say Hongkongers should tolerate public urination and defecation and we should be good guests. This gives Mainland Chinese impunity in Hong Kong! The imbalance of power between China and Hong Kong is the root problem.

  2. the way i see it, the difference between a Hong Konger and a Mainland Chinese is discipline. of course, this can be attributed to the political histories of both parties, China as a communist state and Hong Kong as former territory of UK. this being the case, the Mainland Chinese are not properly educated with hygiene and certainly do not include that in their daily routine. taking this in consideration, the only solution here is this, Hong Kong cannot simply accept their behavior in their land. as tourists, Mainland Chinese should learn to adapt to what Hong Kong rules are. all posts and warning are written in Chinese characters, (even translated in English for non-Chinese speaking foreigners). you want to go to Hong Kong, you have to abide Hong Kong’s rules and ways. and this goes as well in any other country. in the absence of discipline, we can at least respect. =)

    1. Respect is hopeful, but truth is Hong Kong is not a separate country and if anything will have to adopt mainland ways or at very least that the two can find some point to meet in the middle. Change is never nice, but thats life.

    2. It would be great if they could achieve this, might I mention very basic level of discipline, but it seems like that will not be happening very soon. Like you’ve said very well, the fact that there government and lifestyle back in Mainland China is structured with no basic knowledge of common courtesy and how to conduct in public, they will not feel the pressure to change. We’ve all seen videos or even witnessed Mainlanders who yell and scream at people who are trying to tell them they are doing the wrong thing. They seem to be able to do the wrong thing and not be ashamed of it, to the extent where someone will tell them the are doing the wrong thing, and they’ll still have the dignity to yell back… In another perverse world, I might admire their confidence? But for now, in the world I live in, I am just disgusted by their behaviour!

  3. What infuriates me is that these mainland Chinese do not act the same way in other foreign countries. This just proves their discrimination to the Hong Kong society and people.

    1. In Australia, I once saw a mainlander squat in the middle of the footpath to have a fag. And let’s just say, that behaviour did no good for other Chinese people in the eyes of the Australian. But I do agree, that they are especially rude and disgusting in Hong Kong.

      In Taiwan, we were at a tourist location, and the mainlanders behind me were saying, in there loud and horrible Beijing accent, that we were “xianggang ren”… And all the while, I was just thinking, really? You have to say it, with that tone as well? I can’t even describe the way they said it…

    2. I could not agree more. I am in Australia now. I do not really see that many impolite mainlanders here. I think the reason maybe Hong Kong is so easy to access and they dont need to know english in order to get to hk. For other foreign countries, those uneducated cant just get there without joining trip. I can only tell you that all my mainlander classmates’ attitude are totally fine, maybe because they are wealthy and educated.

  4. hi i’m an italian blogger, i would like to speak with you about Hong Kong. i studied chinese and political science. Can you send me your email?

  5. China Nationals feel great inferiority to foreign-born Chinese who can speak and understand English fluently. China Nationals have to cover up the inadequacy they feel. They aren’t being rude, obnoxious, arrogant, defamatory. Really they’re not. They are just expressing their heart-felt pain. Poor, poor things. We should understand them and feel sorry for them. Really.

  6. I am not hongkonger nor chinese mainland but one country from East Asia. I support you hongkonger. I cannot stand my beloved hongkong is suffered from mainland glasshoopers. The pictures are so sheets. Now i live in U.S and find out many mainland chinese are so rude and having lack of manner. But i have never seen chinese who act like people from the posted picture. So the picture here shock me alot…

    Before when I live in my home country, I do not have any particular malice to chinese even i had good feeling about chinese culture. Chinese culture are greate and motivated Asian culture. However, after i had came to U.S and i started to experience mainland people then i suddenly do not like them.
    HongKonger are good. Most of them are very nice and have good manner. Taiwaness are fine too. Even Thiland chinese are very polite. But i do not know why only mainland people are so crazy..

    Of course I do not show up my anger to mainland people and i do not have any plan to beat them in the street. However, i would like to far away from them. But this is impossible since we have alot of mainland students here in my University. They are everywhere. Always walk around in group while talking noisely. Now i understan why call Honkonger as ” Chinese” are insult for them. To tell the truth, they are shame of Asian.

  7. I am Indonesian born Chinese, and I am personally think that Mainland people should learn the lesson on how to behave themselves and correcting their mistakes.

  8. Even in Indonesia, Mainlanders are infamous for their strange hygiene and ugly behaviors. I once even being told by my friend from Bali, he said that he ever saw a Mainland woman who let her child peeing on the hotel floor. Then he also ever told me that Mainland people like to throw their “undies” on the hotel balcony. Not even to mention, that Mainland people in Bali also like to steal the souvenirs as what my Balinese friend told me.

  9. The last photo I find particularly disturbing. These people are pigs. And I’ve experienced them first hand in Thailand where I live. They really wreck the idyllic atmosphere of this beautiful country. Seriously, it’s like a “bull in a china shop”, no pun intended. One solution is for the Chinese government to provide Behaviour, Manners and Common Sense Classes to any Mainlanders planning to travel outside their own country. And for everyone else, make the
    same classes required daily in schools at every grade level. For those who refuse to behave,
    fine them in the streets and make them pay the penalty on the spot. Take pictures of their infraction and continue to post them for their compatriots to see that this is totally unacceptable.
    I actually feel sorry for them. Communism ruined their beautiful culture like it has so many other cultures, like Russia for example. But something has got to change. It’s time.

  10. I do not wish them to have manner, discipline, or morals… as a poor member of the unfortunate 7 million Hongkongers, I JUST WANT THEM NOT TO PEE OR SHIT IN NON-TOILET SPACE!! Is this asking too much? *sigh*

    Now I don’t know if my yellow face will generate disgust from foreigners who think that we are all the same (and might take off my pants in any time any place) if I travel abroad in future, and there are already some angelic local people criticising people for spreading hatred; but this is no reason to accept this hell and tolerate public defecation.

  11. If i saw a mainlander take a nasty ass public shit on the fertile ground my beloved country, i would gladly roll up my sleeve and stick that shit back to where it came from, desensitizing my hand in the process.. So sick of their bullshit. You have my support brothas from another motha!!

  12. From a Euro-Autralian persective. we have a very big cantonese poulation who are our longtime friends. And a big mainland chinese tourist population. Regardless of race or origin, If someone took a dump outside Sydney Opera house i cant imagine what people walking by would do! there would definatly be police involved. such disrespect.

  13. […] Precisely. More bad news in today for Vancouverites: On a different subject… …here's what they are getting known for when going on vacation to Hong Kong: China boy’s public urination peeves Hong Kongers | Free Malaysia Today …incidentally… the exact same sort of thing as in Richmond shopping mall: Mainland Chinese boy urinates in Richmond Centre garbage can In Hong Kong, not only are they utterly powerless to stop the onslaught of corrupt Chinese money from pushing their housing to least affordable in the entire world, they also can't stop the Mainland Chinese from doing this all over their streets. This is not fake: Spot the Mainlander | Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese […]

  14. Mainlanders are the dirtiest, rudes, most uncivilized people I have ever met, and I can generalize because I have been traveling in most of China from East to West, from North to South, the only civilized people in China belong to the ethnic minorities, the Hui are adorable for example, but the Hans are animals and barbarians.
    I have been working in the Mainland for about 3 years now, I came here with an open-mind, I was non-judgemental and I had absolutely no bias toward Mainlanders, and despite this they treated me differently, they have been rude and I can feel their xenophobia everyday, I hate them so much that I started doubting about facts such as the Nanjing massacre or the fact that these people have 5000 years of history, because it’s just like they have never learned from the past, they are still living and behaving as cavemen.
    Now I am fed up with all the Mainlanders’ bullshit, xenophobia, them taking unjustified pride of China’s rank in the global economy even they personally did not do anything during their whole life, the “helllooooowwwww!!!!!” from across the street when they see foreigners, their rudeness, the filth, their lack of hygiene, the people I work with stinking and wearing the same clothes for a week, the local shopkeepers always trying to scam me (and failing miserably thanks to my mandarin skills), the fact that these people can’t hold a conversation except if it’s about money/shopping/buying a house or car/getting married/having kids so I don’t even bother talking with them anymore (not even the cab drivers), the kids taking dumps in the middle of the street, the elders spitting right next to me, the people staring at you, the local men staring even more and with an angry look when you are with a (foreign or chinese) woman because these losers can’t get a girl into their bed (maybe they could if they would shower and change clothes everyday), my boss always trying to rip some yuan from my salary and lying inventing some new fake taxes my ass so every month I have to check the amount I receive, the people talking bad about me right in front of my face but not with me forgetting that I understand mandarin, finding hairs in my food because here the cooks have no proper hygienics, and so on.
    I was nice and friendly, now I hate the Mainlanders, not because they are getting money as they like to think, but because despite their new wealth they still behave like cavemen, like peasants with no education and no manners. On the other hand I love Hongkers, I love Taiwanese, I love Overseas Chinese people, but the Mainlanders, I don’t want to see any of them after I leave this place.

  15. When a kid in Jimmy Kimmel show said “kill everyone in China” you held your banners in front of ABC building and demand Kimmel to apologize. You think the world were on your side? Hell no. The whole world were laughing at you people for being so dumb. Gosh, I so fucking hate mainland Chinese, they’re making all Chinese look bad.

  16. As a mainland Chinese born and raised I so see my own kind with an open eye. I often argued with them to have the considerable knowledge of mistakes and wrongdoings. It can be very frustrating with them. But we have good, honest people as well as any other country. Please, forgive the bad and notice the good.

    1. Why we need to forgive the bad and notice the good, when only bad things about Chinese are affecting us?
      There are good, honest people in China, and so are every other nation in the world. That doesn’t change a thing. So stop using “包容論” please.

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