“Hong Kong Chief Executive Candidate Henry Tang is Not a Man”

First of all, watch Henry Tang’s “man’s shoulders” speech and his apology.

The headline of today Oriental Daily,

(Henry Tang) Made His Wife a Scapegoat

Lied About Unauthorised Building Works Repeatedly
Consciously Went Against the Rules and Defend Himself Furiously
No Shoulder No Backbone
Refuses to Withdraw from Election

Chief Executive candidate Henry Tang is not a man! Buildings department investigated Tang’s mansion in Kowloon Tong for four hours and validated pictures of his 2400 square feet “underground palace” revealed by us. Tang lied repeatedly and bankrupted his credibility. Seeing that he has no way out, he abandons his “a man must shoulder blame and responsibility” principle and passes all the responsibility and crime of unauthorised construction and repeated lies to his wife Kwok Yu-chin, who gave apology in tears to protect him. Together with his previous infidelity and love child scandals, netizen condemn the shamelessness of Tang for making his wife a scapegoat. The storm of “anti Tang” is being started.

The headline of Apple Daily,

Betraying (his) Wife for Glory

Henry Tang Refuses to Withdraw

The scandal does not end in here. VJMEDIA released a picture of the suspected Tang’s mansion in its building state.

An informer revealed this secret photo to us. This informer disclosed that it was taken when Tang’s mansion was being built. It shows that the foundation is very deep, which does not in scale with the original approved floor plan. It was also claimed that the size of the unauthorised building work is two times larger than 2400 square feet.

Therefore, this photo contradicts with Tang’s statement that the illegal basement was constructed in 2007.

LATEST UPDATE (Feb 17th 5:05 pm) from Apple Daily

Tang’s family sent the foundation plan of 7 York Road to Buildings Department through a construction company in August 2003 and it shows the foundation was only 3 to 4 meters deep. However, one month later, they revoked the plan and got related records back so that they could increase the depth to 5 meters.

Secondary school students taking pictures of Tang

Netizen Reactions

Cartoonist草日漫畫’s work,

A big scientific discovery! Siu Ming found an invertebrate with no shoulder and backbone in a burrow. Can someone tell Siu Ming its scientific name?

Cartoonist Cuson Lo‘s work,

Comments from an anti-Tang Facebook group

耶: Scum

Chun: Scum

癲: (He) pushed his wife to death. No shoulder no backbone! No backbone! Douchebag of the century!

Cheuk: House collapsed people died

Ho: Rubbish Tang. Go eat sh*t!

KK: If I had nuclear bomb, I would f***ing bomb him to death.

Cheung: Quit election, rubbish Tang. No Chief Executive for you. You will automatically win “Super Ugly” though. (*”super ugly” 特醜 rhymes with “Chief Executive” 特首.)

Leung: He pushed his wife out for the race of Chief Executive. In future, if he wants to please the Communist Party, he will push all the Hongkonger to death. A**hole Henry Tang will do anything. I sincerely wish a**hole Henry Tang would be killed in car crash soon. House collapsed people died. I also wish Hongkonger who have conscience would live healthily and happily everyday. This is a wish from people who have conscience.

林: Today, he forced his wife to give apology. If he becomes Chief Executive, he will give his wife to the Chinese officials. However, I don’t think she is in demand because she face looks miserable.

Wu: Even though I think he is shameless for lying…I have a question. Isn’t newspaper supposed to be objective when reporting? Why can’t I see this in the headline? Has time changed?

Ma: Douchebag no. 1

Admin posted this photo and said it was exciting. (*I guess it is a lyric page of a local indie band called “My Little Airport“)

Capitalism, please die
“My Little Airport” this year has released its fifth album. In the past, my inspiration was from negative energy. However, in recent years, something has changed. I started praising the constructiveness behind negative energy.

This year, I want to write a support Henry Tang as Chief Executive song for Hong Kong.


There is another Facebook group called “Request to investigate if The Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government Kowloon sub-office on 6 York Road is connected to Tang’s home on 5A and 7 York Road

Conspiracy: Why would Henry Tang rather be the douchebag of the century? It is because he wants to hide the real purpose of the basement. 5A and 7 York Road are Tang’s home and 6 York Road is the Liaison Office. Mr Tang, please let the public to investigate.
Also, the Liaison Office must have tight security and high-tech equipments like anti-eavesdropping device. If you wanted to buy a house, would you want to live near to such sensitive place?
Who would like to buy a “comfort home” next to the Liaison Office even if one supported the Communist Party? If Tang was seen doing unpleasant stuff, he wouldn’t be happy that it would be reported (*to Beijing).
Building a house next to the Liaison Office is of course for the convenience of meeting Beijing officials. If he always entered there through the entrance, the media would eventually be able to snap his pictures. Passing through underground is the simplest way.
The Chief Secretary for Administration will be provided a house in 15 Barker Road in The Peak, is it necessary to live in Kowloon Tong? The Financial Secretary will be provided a house in 45 Shouson Hill Road in Shouson Hill, is it necessary to live in Kowloon Tong? Why can’t Henry Tang expand his houae after his retirement?
Why did he command his wife to commit crime? Why did outsider know this secret plan? If only his family members knew this secret, why was it disclosed?
The media have never mentioned anything about 6 York Road. This makes me believe that there must be secrecy inside.

"6 York Road"

3 thoughts on ““Hong Kong Chief Executive Candidate Henry Tang is Not a Man”

  1. If he gets elected, maybe that will be the time for people of Hong Kong to take to the streets to show Beijing and the world our displeasure. Maybe we even need to take to the streets every weekend until he is fired by Beijing!

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