Hong Kong Netizens Condemn Complaint Culture

Yesterday night, on the Facebook page of Hong Kong Society of Herpetology Foundation, a notice from a property management concerning a nuisance by croaking frogs provoked condemnation among netizens.


To all owners of blocks 4, 5 and 6,

A Nuisance from Croaking Frogs

Recently, owners complained to the service centre that on the L2 platform of blocks 4, 5 and 6 there is a nuisance from croaking frogs at night. We are going to carry out the hunt at,

Date: 5.28.2012
Time: 7pm -10 pm

(*This is not a full translation.)

Some netizens guess that the notice is from Vista Paradiso (聽濤雅苑, “listen wave elegant court” literally) in Ma On Shan since the reference number has “VIST” .

Update: Apple Daily confirmed that the above notice was really from Vista Paradiso. And the service centre found no frogs in the hunt.

No frogs were found in last Saturday action.

Not too long ago, netizens condemned a complaint about bird noises.

To owners/residents of Ching Tai Court,

Bird Noises

Recently, we have received complaints from many owners that birds make annoying noises in early morning, affecting their normal resting time. They also requested us to search for bird nests and drive them away.

We had contacted Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to inquire information about the bird of concern. AFCD replied that it is “Asian Koel” . The mating period of the bird is in spring and summer. Therefore, they make clear and loud sound. This is a natural phenomenon, and AFCD said it did not have ways to drive the bird away.

Even though AFCD can not provide ways to drive them away, we increase frequency of patrol and use LED lights to shine on them in order to avoid bird noises from affecting owners’ daily life. We hope that it would solve the problem.

(*This is not a full translation.)


List of unreasonable complaints that netizens condemned

1. Flying cotton

According to Cable TV news on 2011/4/12

Blooming flowers in spring should be a beautiful scenery. However, tens of trees in Sheung Shui Tsui Lai Garden (Tsui Lai means Jade green beautiful) become bald. It turned out that a regional executive committee of a political party complained about flying cotton and successfully strove for Leisure and Culture Services Department to cut fruits of cotton trees away.

Liu Chiu Wa is a regional executive committee. He only wanted to reflect complaints from residents, but he had never thought that flowers were also cut away. He agrees that the flower of cotton tree has viewing value. However, in order to stop affecting residents, he hopes that LCSD could consider planting other trees.

DAB Liu Chiu Wa, regional executive committee

Successfully strive for LCSD to handle the problem of flying cotton

(*”Successfully strive for” is the signature usage on banners of the pro-Beijing party, DAB. Whether the issue resolved is due to DAB members or not, DAB will tell the public that it is their work, no matter how trivial it is. Banners of DAB evolve to become some kind of gag news in cyberspace.)

glorious achievement: DAB successfully strove for dog poop collectors

2. People, especially elderly, who do exercises in the early morning

Recently, the management office received complaints from residents of block A that they were harassed by noises in the early morning. The source of noises comes from people who do exercises in the early morning slapping against their bodies continuously producing the noises of “pak, pak, pak”.

Comments from Netizens

二: Move to Mars please!

Loy: I am disgusted to see the explosion of human population, human control of earth resources, the ruin of lives in human warfare and the destroy of ecosystem because of economic development. To be blunt, I would rather see frogs, snakes, insects, mouses and ants everywhere than human, cars, concrete buildings, advertising light boxes and Mainland Chinese tourists who come here for money laundering. If one doesn’t like croaks of frogs, one can jump out of the window. The earth is not suitable for these self-centred and degenerated organisms.

Bee: Making noises during mating is nature!!! If I complained the nuisance from moans of human love making, would human be caught and de-humanised?

熊: Patients of mood disorder are very sensitive to sound. They can’t stand a little bit of sound. Therefore, we can confirm that many Hongkongers have mood disorder.

Roy: A twisted Hong Kong

Joy: The croak of frogs means that the environment has no pollutions. I don’t really know what is on their minds.

Wong: Frogs can’t fight back therefore people complain them. If their neighbour were a tattooed tough guy who could beat the door down, would they dare to complain? What is really twisted is this resisting value generated under long term oppression.

Joe: Hunt croaking frogs? Hongkonger can tolerate representatives who don’t appear in council meetings and earn dozens of thousands dollars; Hongkonger can tolerate undersecretaries who have done nothing and earn hundreds of thousands dollars. However, they can’t tolerate a few normal croaking frogs. Human can no longer understand Hongkonger.

Tang: Can tolerate locusts. Can’t tolerate frogs. =.=

Tsang: Their practice is no different from sparrow killing during Cultural Revolution? In that period, there was no sparrow and that caused the plague of locusts killing 300M people. Why do Hong Kong still have this kind of uncivilised thinking?

Skyway: Is Hongkonger that retarded? Or complainers need to visit psychology doctors? Or basically human, Hongkonger I should say, have already separated from nature that they don’t want to live in their own planets?

However, the most unfortunate is that the service industry of Hong Kong fosters a group of retarded tyrants. This service industry even use a retarded Japanese concept – costumer is always right. There is no stance, no right or wrong and no dignity. The professional spirit is lost when one works like this. Calming costumers does not equate to professionalism. Knowing how to handle different type of people and solve real problem, make abnormal human retreat, this is the real professionalism.

Wan Chin: Complain about croaking frogs? Hongkonger are almost brain-dead. First, they lack the knowledge of biology. It is mostly toads that croak in puddles and artificial pools inside city. There is little chance that it is frog. Second, they lack knowledge about psychology. What is so terrible about toad croaking? the croak of toad, the sound of cicada and the squawk of chicken are all natural sound and help one keep a tranquil mind. Third, the knowledge of executive sense and authority is lost. Normal management won’t care these illogical complaints. Even if the complainer created chaos in the management office, no one would sympathise with him.

I had written about the reason for these pointless complaints – the powerless in politics. Can’t control big issues in the legislative Council? Complain about flying cotton from cotton trees, the caw of crow and the croak of toad!

張: This is an anti-intelligent society. No one cares big issues. Only trivial matters are being taken care of. Beijing can easily control Hong Kong because there are too many stupid citizens.

Cotton trees cause irritation = bam (*bam is a slang for “ban”)
Bird noise nuisance = bam
Frog croak nuisance = bam
Stray animals affecting the appearance of the city = bam
Hawkers with licenses affecting the appearance of the city = bam
Noisy Hongkonger/Mainlander = common sight/show understanding/tolerate/don’t discriminate
Locusts destroying Hong Kong = show understanding/tolerate/don’t discriminate
More and more cars and roads are getting more congested = advanced/necessity
Business-government collusion = none of my business/earning maximum profit is very proper

3 thoughts on “Hong Kong Netizens Condemn Complaint Culture

  1. This is exactly what Beijing is doing to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the frog, and Beijing is the citizens. Why is Hong Kongers doesn’t something like this? They should know better as they themselves are victims of such. HKers really need to look at the big picture. HK IS DYING!

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