Hong Kong radio host resigned as his show about Tiananman Massacre was censored

Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK) host Wan Hoi (雲海) resigned after he found out  the station edited 20 minutes out of the June 8th episode of his show “No 4. Mount Davis” (摩星嶺四號), which talked about June 4th vigil.

On June 8th, Wan found out his show was censored. (Link)

Wan Hoi: Strongly protest! CRHK top management edited 20 minutes out of my “No .4 Mount Davis”! I hadn’t been notified beforehand! Not until the show was on air had I found out the editing!! Unacceptable!

On June 10th, he resigned from CRTHK. (link)

Wan Hoi: Announcement to all my listeners,

…. Today afternoon I tendered my resignation….

Comments from Netizens



Gundogan: Freedom of speech is dead. 

It’s so crazy. The show isn’t influential at all. One will forget about it one or two weeks later. Now, the censorship even makes the show bigger…


Sigurdsson: Alas, Hong Kong is going to be “harmonised” by China sooner or later. CRHK, ATV, CCTVB, and most of the newspapers, basically the media, have no credibility.

(*Netizens gave Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) the nickname CCTVB, which is composed of China Central Television (CCTV) and TVB, as the station is pro-Beijing.)

Left: TVB logo; CCTVB logo created by netizens

One thought on “Hong Kong radio host resigned as his show about Tiananman Massacre was censored

  1. When mothers and fathers are labeled as “counter-revolutionaries” and the “nation” becomes more important than humanity, then we must worry about the future of HK. The Cultural Revolution part II is fast approaching HK, will we see the day when children will “rat out” their own parents and send them to the gallows all in the name of country?

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