Hong Kong Student Workbook Promotes China-Hongkong Marriages

Recently, a netizen discovered that a Hong Kong student workbook asks students to explain how China-Hongkong marriages, especially between Hong Kong women and Chinese men, can assimilate Hong Kong into China .

The netizen uploaded the photo to the Facebook Group “Anti-Mainlandization. Anti Colonization”.

The uploader: The question is really ridiculous. No one wants assimilation. And (stop) using summer workbooks to brainwash students.

The Content of the Workbook

(*Last Paragraph) According to the representative of the “Diamond Single Club”, Ann Chow, nowadays there are more women than men in Hong Kong. Therefore, many seek partners in China. Meanwhile, Chinese have more chances to study overseas, travel, and with increasing economic power, these have become qualities attracting more Hong Kong women. Besides, the frequent cooperation between China and Hong Kong blossoms into many marriages.

Please use the concepts ‘population migration’, ‘self identity’ and ‘cultural difference’ to elaborate how China-Hong Kong marriage helps integrating Hong Kong into China.

Comments from Other Netizens


Anna: My answer: Marriage is sacred; Marriage is based on love between two people. It has nothing to do with population migration! Self identity!  Cultural difference! What complete nonsense! It’s an offend against teachers and students.


Lau: Hong Kong education has become the voice of advocating the integration of Hong Kong into China; It has become a political tool. However, it fails to mention social problems.


Ng: Freaking insane. The news should be widely shared. Now, it’s really terrible. Why indoctrinating students with the concept that China-Hongkong marriages help Hong Kong’s integration into China? Why marriages between two places can promote “corporate prosperity”?

The regime is extremely shameless…… We really need to complain against the publisher. Freaking insane!

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