Please Punish Hongkongers!

On Oct 28, free newspaper “AM730” ran the headline: “PUNISH! Beijing Halts Shanghai-Hongkong Stock Connect and is going to cut Individual Visit Scheme*. Beijing launched a series of punitive action against Hong Kong.” The threatening headline excited netizens instantly and it is so exciting that a Hong Kong novelist even wrote “Please Punish Hongkongers!”

(*individual Chinese tourists as opposed to those joining group tours)


Aroused by the intimidating headline, Hong Kong novelist Tam Kim wrote “Please Punish Hongkongers“. Later, Facebook blogger Longsee made a poster for Tam’s advice.

NOW TV did a poll asking audiences if they worry about Beijing’s punitive actions against Hong Kong.

Do you worry that Beijing will tighten all kind of policies that benefit Hong Kong?

Extremely worried – 16%

A bit worried – 8%

Don’t worry – 71%

Have never thought about the issue – 5%

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