Banners opposing Individual Visit Scheme and One-way Permit are everywhere

Netizens spotted banners opposing Individual Visit Scheme (Mainland Chinese tourists) and One-Way Permit (Mainland Chinese immigrants) in many places in Hong Kong.

Banners at Tuen Mun Town Centre
Banners at Tuen Mun Town Centre

Upper banner: Hong Kong is overcrowded. Strongly condemn DAB for denying authority over examination and approval of new immigrants.

150 One-way permit immigrants daily. Since 1997, over ONE MILLION Mainland Chinese have moved to Hong Kong unconditionally.

Lower banner: Hong Kong is under siege. Strongly condemn DAB for advocating multiple-entry permit (which is part of the Individual Visit Scheme)

(Upper Left) Skyrocketing rents drive out mom-and-pop stores. (The picture comes from the second story of this post.)
(Upper Right) Defecation and urination can be seen everywhere.
(Lower Right) Smuggling harms local residents.
(Lower Left) Overcrowding town centres scare Hongkongers.

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Netizens’ Comments


Yan: Finally, people who have conscience appeared!

Lai: Hong Kong is not for humans. Look at Mongkok, Wanchai, Tsimshashui, Causeway Bay, Ocean Park etc, nobody speaks Cantonese and majority of them are fake Hongkongers. We only live in a place called Hong Kong…

Lmo: Mainland Chinese invaded Hong Kong and they’re everywhere, making Hongkongers lose desire to go out . Our home, resources and welfare are all robbed by Mainland Chinese. Is this place still our home? Thanks to DAB!!!


Wu: DAB is subordinate to the commie thieves. Of course, they’ve to import thieves to Hong Kong! Besides, don’t you know that (Mainland Chinese) immigrants are the darlings of political parties? Both pro-Beijing camp and pro-democracy camp have to fight for their votes. They’ve everything going their way. They’re really in heaven! Don’t believe it? Look at how many people from “Occupy Central” dare to suggest reducing the quota for the one-way permit?

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