Chinese Tourists in Google Hong Kong’s Doodle for Chinese National Day?

Google Hong Kong’s Doodle for Oct 1st 2013

Netizens’ Reactions

Tony_Stark: Even Google thinks that Chink’s National Day equates to shopping day.


Leung: You’re all wrong. What’s inside the doodle is Chinese tourists. A locust family is carrying many shopping bags. And the family is even holding the Chinese Communist Party’s flag.

Besides, this kind of Chinese tourists were photographed in Kowloon Bay previously.

Chinese Tourists
Chinese Tourists Holding Chinese Flag in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong


Angry Bird (Golden): Today, the front page of Google is Chinese National Day. What the doodle portraits is correct. Only Chinese tourists travel to and shop in Hong Kong. The doodle conceals a reversed Chinese flag.

But I think one thing is missing! Therefore, I help them to draw it out. That’s the thing the girl on the right is doing!



Littleoslo: Today’s Google doodle is Chinese National Day. On the surface, the doodle is apple polishing; in fact, it is a satire. What the country’s national day remains is shopping, shopping, and shopping. It really fits the reality of Hong Kong. However, Google misses one thing to bring the doodle to life. Now, please allow me to add it back. Don’t need to thank me.


One thought on “Chinese Tourists in Google Hong Kong’s Doodle for Chinese National Day?

  1. Haha, they do the same thing here in singapore. These locusts shit on our streets, hang their national china flag during our national day, scold us dogs, steal our jobs, skyrocketed our property prices, call us half breeds as we do not speak proper mandarin and do all sorts of evil things to our country.

    And now out of the 5 mil population in singapore, they made up more than one million migrants. Half a year ago we just had a protest.

    Government of HK pls stop tormenting the HK people just like what our Singaporean government do to us!

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