“Today, I unfriended my mama”

ArmChannel has just released a short film called “Today, I unfriended my mama”. The film is about a protester’s stormy relationship with her mother, who supports the Hong Kong Police Force, aka the Blue Ribbon.

(If you can’t see the subtitle, please click here.)


In the beginning of the short film, the female protagonist, sitting inside a tent in Admiralty’s “Umbrella Square”, scrolls back up her mother’s Facebook Timeline after having viewed the photos of her celebrating her mom’s birthday. Pausing at the picture with a blue ribbon saying “support the Hong Kong Police Force”, she painfully realizes that the halcyon days of the strong mother-daughter relationship are gone.

Her mother, now a Blue Ribbon, even shares a poster of a pro-police candlelight rally. In real life, the candlelight rally, which was held by goon groups, led to attacks of several journalists from the local and foreign media outlets.

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