“A Mainlander Hating Hongkonger”

Weibo user yk_chan from Shenzhen snapped a picture of a Hongkonger who was said to be Mainlander-hating in a clinic in Hong Kong, and a Hong Kong netizen posted her Weibo back to Hong Kong.

A Mainlander-Hating Hongkonger
I want to express my feeling before I sleep. Today, I was in a Hong Kong clinic, I saw a woman telling nurses repeatedly that she hates Mainlander with half of her mouth covered. What I want to say is that the so called “Hongkonger”, who maybe from Mainland China originally, can say this sentence because you are jealous of us, entered your life as we are rich, living better than you.

Netizen Reactions

Psyche: If they are f***ing great, they should stay inside Mainland China, drink tainted milk and get their anus stitched. (*A midwife in a Shenzhen hospital stitched her patient anus for not getting enough “red pocket money“.)

天秤妹: Success won’t last forever.
潛心鑽牛角尖: I beg them. If you have money, stay inside Mainland China and contribute to your motherland. Don’t go to Hong Kong. Can they stop coming?

HiddenTrack: It’s nature that locusts morph from self-abased to arrogant. Hongkonger should not destroy the law of nature.

木糠布甸: A race without freedom and culture is not deserved to be jealous of.

戴笠: Don’t f***ing be in Hong Kong if you hate Hongkonger that much. Go please.

依嘩彭超:What happened? I don’t see any problmes
原來是毒男: Strong country locust boasts her greatness.

她的蝦毛太濃: If the country of Cina pig is that great, why do they f***ing come here?

點解紅唔起?: Piss off! Fu**ing locust
秋刀魚的滋味: Go away, fu**ing locust. They have to stay but can’t stop complaining. They are fu**ing shameless.

6 thoughts on ““A Mainlander Hating Hongkonger”

  1. Since they dislike Hong Kong so much, why are they coming to Hong Kong? They should stay in China to enjoy their tainted milk, tainted baby formulas, faked eggs, faked soya sauce, and being scream at by their own nurses and other medical staff inside their own clinics and hospitals. Not to mention having their own children ran over by cars a couple of times without anyone helping.

  2. I don’t quite get it. It is a mainlander, saying that Hongkonger claims to hate mainlanders? But the supposed Hongkonger is really a mainlander? That’s confusing. Someone is pretending to be a Hongkonger who hates mainlanders?

  3. I’m from Singapore. Same thing is happening in our country as well. Mainlanders come to our country and steal our jobs, destroyed our job market, Inflated our property prices and Mainland prostitutes destroyed many of our local families by seducing our men and scamming their hard earn savings.

    Yet they call us Singaporeans DOGS as well.

    Cant they just reflect why so many countries in this world hate China? Cant they just be more civilized?

    My country needs to stop mainland people from coming freely. Our government is just stupid to even give them scholarships to study in Singapore for FREE,
    When Our own children were expelled from universities when they cant pay their fees.

    Hong Kongers, we Singaporeans are wtih you!

  4. True Chinese culture and virtues were preserved in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and other areas not touched by Maoists. Modern China does not have traditional Chinese culture at all. Mainland Chinese is USSR trained Maoists. Not Chinese.

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