Anti-Locust Singaporean Version

Singaporeans outraged over PRC scholar’s ‘dog’ comment


  1. PRC scholar Sun Xu seeks help from the Chinese Embassy in Singapore pleading for second chance to ‘repay’ Singapore
  2. Netizens put up local version of Hong Kong ‘locust ad’ to protest against NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu

Anti-Locust Singaporean Version

“Do you want Singapore to spend $36,000,000 yearly to sponsor at least two thousand foreign scholars? Singaporeans also had enough! The locust plague has spread from Hong Kong to Singapore. Strongly request the PAP government to tighten the overly lax immigration policy! Stop immigrants from ‘invading’ Singapore uncontrollably! Protect the rights of Singaporeans and defend local culture. Strongly request NUS disciplinary committee to met out the most severe punishment to ingrate MOE scholar Sun Xu!”

*Translation from the Temasek Times

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