PLA Military Vehicles Entered Hong Kong Busy City Streets

On the night of June 15th, netizens spotted many PLA military vehicles on the busy city streets. Many believe that this is a move to scare people away from July 1st demonstration.

In Jordan,

In Western Harbour Tunnel,

In Stanley,

Lai King Wai: Someone sent me this video. They saw many PLA vehicles at Yau Ma Tei side of Western Harbour Tunnel…I am really scared. lol

The headline of June 16th Oriental Daily

Prevent July 1st demonstration from out of control

Whole Hong Kong is on the alert

Coverage from Shek Kong

PLA reinforces the garrison

Armored car convoy entered city

From June 16th Apple Daily

Netizens’ reactions

Tang: A butcher is still a butcher all along.

Ho: F**king stupid, shipping military vehicles to Hong Kong during this sensitive time

Mak: Certainly it isn’t f**king stupid. They let you Hongkonger see it deliberately. They make you scare!

梁: It is said that barracks in Central is in maintenance, therefore it closes. The troops move to Ngong Shuen Chau barracks.

林: Even Shek Kong barracks has activity. From Central to Ngong Shuen Chau, it is unreasonable to go to Jordan via Shak Kong. Military action has confidentiality. Don’t trust public info from the army.

The most important point is that those vehicles are entering Central instead of leaving Central.

These vehicles look like light troop carrying armored car. There are no tanks and heavy-duty weapons. The task should be tactical majorly. After all, clearing up Tiananmen protest had to push through barricades, therefore tanks were deployed.

On July 1st, there will be no barricades by netizens. Even if something happened, there would be no time to set it up. Therefore, I guarantee that there will be no eye-catching tanks. After all, the killing power of tanks is less effective than tactical troops when there is no barricade. Hong Kong has no local military. PLA doesn’t worry that there will be anti-government military when they crackdown on protest. There is no fire-exchanging targets, why do they have deploy tanks? All in all, even if Hongkongers could snatch guns, they would not know how to use. I have received training and know how to use gun. However, not many Hongkonger have received military training.

Kylie C. Thapthong: The problem is that how out of control July 1st demonstration is. Which Hong Kong demonstrations had became out of control? Citizens too follow the rules! Pro-Beijing newspaper like Oriental Daily just wants to scare citizens not to protest on July 1st…They are so low.

驫麤: Oriental Daily has always been pro-Beijing. Whether it discloses info or not, it makes no difference. Beijing basically wants to let you know what they are doing. Killed Li Wangyang and deployed PLA to make Hongkongers scare. They use high-handed rule to tell you that if you dare to riot they dare to deploy PLA. The news is the idea of Beijing.

Yip:  They dare not to open fire and turn July 1st into June 4th.

Kav: The more threats they make, the more I want to go to the protest.

Cartoon artist Cuson Lo drew a cartoon of CY Leung waving a simplified Chinese “welcome” flag and leading PLA armored cars.

7 thoughts on “PLA Military Vehicles Entered Hong Kong Busy City Streets

  1. Someone thinks this story is hao-tastic…

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  2. Seems a bit unlikely to me that this is a scare tactic.

    If the PLA had wanted to make an impression, they would have been much better off doing this in the daytime when the military vehicles would have been grid-locked with the rest of the traffic for all to see.

    They may well have been moving the vehicles for use in some potential protests, but it’s hardly an effective tactic to do it at night.

  3. I think somebody up North is having a great big tantrum. What with 180K hong kong 6/4 Tiananmen candlelight vigil, the murder of Li Wangyang, The protest against them in Denmark by the people saying, “Government, do you want to sell our souls for only 18 billion ?” and Hu Jintao going to G20 while the international press from all over the world wants to know : Why can’t China have an independent press? How come you are still beating up on your Nobel Prize Winners? etc….This is just being Weird to try to get Hong kong to go “WTF??????”
    Friends in Hong kong, you do know that if so much as 1 tank come near anyone in HK, the stockmarket of Big6 will go down like hmm…like a BUNGEE jumper with a snapped bungee chord! 🙂
    Justice4 Li Wang Yang translated:

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