Interviews of Children Inside Hong Kong Anti-National Education Protest

Photos of these two Hong Kong born Pakistani protestors are widely shared on Hong Kong cyberspace.

Left: I need Chinese education. Don’t need brainwashing education.

Right: Want me to be patriotic but don’t teach me Chinese well.

Netizens’ comments

They are real Hongkongers.

Chan: They are also Hongkongers. Oppose to brainwashing and recolonisation!!

陳: Chinese think that a person is a Chinese not because you have lived in this place for a long time, but because your race is ethnic Chinese. They certainly don’t teach you Chinese well because they don’t treat you as Hongkonger/Chinese. Therefore, some people call Stefanie Sun a singer of China (*Sun is a Singaporean and has a singing career in Taiwan) and Mainlanders don’t need to pay tax and take Hong Kong welfare for granted. However, Kiu Bobo was rejected when he wanted to apply HKSAR passport for her wife.

The Communist Party creates double standard. They are the real fascist.

This little girl becomes a hit on Hong Kong cyberspace.

I want to do something good to Hong Kong.

Netizens’ comments

Vicky: When I saw the little girl said this sentence, no joke, I was tearful immediately.

周: What are we adults doing?

我參與了「七一遊行」: I am angry!! People said young children didn’t understand why they participated in the protest and even humiliated that they were brainwashed by parents. If you call parents who practice what they preach, teach their children civic education, conscience and not to accept lies brainwashing, then do as you like!

Little sister and your parents, and all the children and parents who participated in today protest, you have my respect!

Richard: Look back at us, actually, in Hong Kong these days, how many officials, politicians, representative, political parties and people “want to do something good for Hong Kong”??

Netizen 朗思 compared this little girl with a Mao-worshipping secondary school student

Which one do you want your children to be?

Left: The little girl who joined July 29th anti-national education protest

Right: The Hong Kong secondary school student that joined national education activity and toured the hometown of Mao Zedong

5 thoughts on “Interviews of Children Inside Hong Kong Anti-National Education Protest

  1. Well…normal…the were biased by their parents! Even though I don’t like this I fully support this demonstrations! go for it Hong Kong!

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