Hong Kong Electoral Fraud 2012

This post is a summary of electoral fraud for the upcoming Legislative Council Election 2012 on this Sunday.

New immigrants’ group arranges members to vote

A netizen has just revealed how a China-Hong Kong family reunion association arranges its members to vote for pro-Beijing parties.

[Extremely Evil and Ugly] Family Reunion Association Kowloon East Branch Sent People to My Home

Today, two middle-aged women rang my doorbell and said, “We are Family Reunion Association. You guys please vote at 3pm on September 9.”

Why is Family Reunion Association related to me?

First, I have to state my conflict of interest. My parents went to Hong Kong in the 80’s and I was born in the 90’s. Before my parents went here, they gave birth of my eldest sister in Mainland China. In 1994, my elder sister reunited with my family. My eldest sister remains in Mainland China because she is overage. Several years ago, my mother heard from friends that Family Reunion Association claims that they can help people to apply for reunion for their overage children. In order to get membership, applicant and his or her family members have to register as voters. The association claims that the more “points” an applicant gets, the faster the application processing time is. Therefore, my mother is so silly that she dragged me and other family members into trouble…

Two women: We are Family Reunion Association. You guys please vote at 3pm on September 9.

Me: What?

Two women: You guys please vote at 3pm on Sep 9

Me: Is there any direction that to whom I should vote?

Two women: For white, vote 806. For blue, vote no. 2.
They then gave me two pieces of paper.

Kowloon East: White 806 Starry Lee (DAB); Blue no. 2 Wong Kwok-kin (FTU); Report Telephones (East 1)

Me: OK…”Two bastards,”I thought in my head.

Two women: Remember, vote after 3 pm. After you vote, call any 6 numbers below and report.

Me: OK…

Two women: How many voters in your family?

Me: Assume that there is only one first. They are out. I am going to tell them later.

Two women: Ok..fine…
They then wrote down my flat no. and went away.

This association exploits “points” system of the reunion application and tells uneducated housewives to vote for specific candidates. I don’t know if this violates elections ordinance. However, because of conscience, I have to reveal this evil deed!! Want me to vote for these Hong Kong traitors, bastards that betray our next generation…I REALLY CAN’T…

I hope that brothers and sisters who have read this can bump this post so that it will get attention from the media. I hope that this can make Hongkongers vote with conscience!!!

One of the Most Notorious Banners by Starry Lee: “Caring for ETHIC Minorities”

Nursery homes become political heartland of pro-Beijng parties

130,000 more voters who are over 60 years ago in this election

The supporting rates of pan-democratic and pro-Beijing parties across ages by HKU

Blue line is pan-democratic and red is pro-Beijing.

Snake Banquet, Vegetarian Banquet, Mooncake Coupon, Dumpling  

蛇齋餅糉 (snake banquet, vegetarian banquet, mooncake coupon, dumpling) is a term coined by Civic Party’s Alan Leong Ka-kit. Giving out freebies and holding discounted snake and vegetarian banquets are main ways for pro-Beijing political parties to get votes. The poorer one is, the more one depends on freebies and even bribes. However, the more votes pro-Beijing parties get, the more exploitations the poor suffers.

A bag of rice printed with the info of DAB member Gary Chan Hak-kan 陳克勤
Pro-Beijing Regina Ip distributed free bowls of congee to the elderly. Source: Regina Ip’s own Facebook

Younger voters are removed from voter registration

A producer of a DBC radio programme, 十級自由Phone (Class Ten Free Phone), revealed that many listeners made phone calls to tell the station on 8.29.2012 that their (adult) children have been removed from the voter registration. Previously, due to vote-rigging scandals, Electoral Affairs Committee sent letters to suspicious voters, who had to verify that they live in their registered addresses. Around 200,000 voters were removed from the voter registration for failing to response. The producer suspected that many of these disqualified voters are young people, who tend to support pan-democratic parties. because listeners said that their sons and daughters are the only ones in their families who can’t get poll cards.

500,000 “iron votes” from Shenzhen

According to 4.24.2012 Apple Daily,

The Liaison Office, who manipulates CY Leung from behind, has started to mobolise members of organisations to register as voters so that the control of the pro-Beijing camp can be expanded. Federation of Hong Kong Shenzhen Associates Ltd, which was established by the Shenzhen government and has close tie to the Liaison Office, sought 500,000 of Hong Kong residents who are originally from Shenzhen to “get united” – to create a 500,000 people “heartland” to influence the results of Legislative Council Election this September.

Secret Phone Call to Relative in Mainland China

Lau: Today morning, I have received a very shocking phone call. Unexpectedly, my 80-year-old auntie who lives in Gaungdong received a phone call from a stranger commanding her brother’s family (that is my father) to vote for Lau Kong-wa and Chan Hak-kan on Sept 9th. My auntie thinks this is suspicious and therefore immediately notices my father. My father is so shocked that his personal info was sold to Mainland China and even his sister, who has married for several decades, can be contacted.

It is so strange that the stranger knows full names of my father, my mother and my sister and we are voters of New Territories East. What is even more wonderful is that the stranger knows that my auntie, who has married for several decades and no longer lived in Hong Kong, has a brother who is a voter of N.T. East.

The info must not be from voter registration because the stranger did not mention me. My registration info is kept by my mother. Out info are certainly kept in the same place. Only my housing management does not have my name. Therefore, I suspect that someone sold our info or stole info of residents.

One home, many voters with many last names

According to 9.1.2012 Apple Daily,

Next to the Liaison Office, Like there is no control
The heartland of DAB Kwan Yick Building Crazily Plants Votes

DAB Office inside Kwan Yick Building

Kwan Yick Building, which has 3 phrases in total, is a traditional heartland for DAB. The most familiar phrase to the public is phrase 3 as it is next to the Liaison Office and its owners’ corporation barred the memorial activity of the Chinese dissident Li Wangyang. The most vote-rigging cases happen in phrase 2, where the office of the DAB district board member Lo Yee-hung locates. Earlier this month, the new owner’s corporation hold a meeting to pick Lo as their legal advisor. Only posters from DAB are allowed to be displayed in the hall of the building. Civic Party Tanya Chan criticises violently that the Election Affairs Committee has committed a serious dereliction of duty – “one home, voters with many last names” and using addresses of shops where voters don’t reside in there to register as voters are typical cases of vote-rigging. These can be sorted out from the voter registration list through simple categories. The committee must explain that why they can’t eliminate the concerned situations.

In phrase 2 of Kwan Yick Building, Sing Kee Construction Work Company has 6 voters with 5 different surnames. Our reporter went to the shop and made inquiries, a man who claims to be one of the 6 voters said the front of shop is for business while the back of it is for living. He confirmed that Ngai (his surname), Cheung, Wong and Chiu are residents. The other two voters registered with this address is because of another reason. “Previously, here was Lianjiang Social Club. In the past, there were many people worked in Mainland China and they had no Hong Kong address. Therefore, they asked me if they could use here as their postal addresses. At that time, I allowed them to use my address. Now, the social club had been moved. I have returned many letters,” said Nagi. He expressed that he doesn’t know the voter whose last name is Tung. Another voter whose last name is Cheung is from his hometown and he has no permanent home. Therefore he uses this address to register.

Our reporter also discovered that (addresses) of many shops that don’t have residences inside Kwan Yick Building are also registered as voters’ addresses. These shops include foot message parlour, real estate agency and even clinic. Voters from foot message parlour and real estate agency are either owners or staffs and all of them said they registered with shops’ addresses because of convenience.

This clinic has many voters with many surnames. Posters of DAB Starry Lee and Tsing Yok-sing are on the left.

Residential flats of Kwan Yick Building are also suspected to be cases of vote-rigging. In phrase 2, a flat has 6 voters with 5 different surnames. Our reporter went there and made inquiries, the old women who answered the door confirmed that 4 of the voters are herself and her family members. However, she has no idea with the other two voters, whose surnames are Wong and Ng. The flat was purchased by the woman’s daughter in 1988. Surnames of previous owners are neither Wong nor Ng. In phrase 1, a flat has 5 votes with 5 surnames. Filipino family resides in there and the woman who answered the door said one of the voters whose last name is “Vianney” is her uncle. However, the flat doesn’t have Chinese residents and she doesn’t know 4 others Chinese voters.

DAB voting combination

The Thunder of Palm” – How DAB Manipulates Senior Voters

Many netizens are angry with both DAB and senior citizens and some even say that the elderly should not be allowed to vote.

****Please check out my twitter for election frauds of this year. ****

13 thoughts on “Hong Kong Electoral Fraud 2012

  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was widespread, but how do you prove that the candidates themselves are involved in these tactics? They could always claim these groups are acting independently.

    And even if Lee was disqualified, the seat would just go to Lau Kong-Wah. The system makes it highly unlikely for any party list to earn two seats.

    1. It must have been existed for a very long time. However, as children of immigrants get older, they realise that this jeopardises their future. Therefore, some of them stand up against their parents.
      Reporting phone line serves as both statistic and threat purposes. We certainly won’t be surprised that the same practice is used in every pro-Beijing group including many companies. We can imagine that employees of these companies have to call these phone lines or else they will lose their jobs. Sadly, as you have said, DAB and FTU won’t admit it. Hong Kong election is rot to bare bones.

    2. It’s very simple, make it punishable with 3 years prison or HK$100,000. If they opt for paying, the money is shared among all other parties that win seats.

    1. Planned splitting of the vote is legal. The other stuff, not so much, but proving that these vote-rigging organizations are actually affiliated with the candidates is difficult.

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