Update on 蝗蟲 “Locust” in Hong Kong Cantonese

In these two months, the usage of 蝗蟲 “Locust” spreads to most mainstream Hong Kong media and even to Mainland China.

The discussion of "Locust" 蝗蟲 in Nanfang Daily

Nanfang Daily: Why does the song that refers Mainlander to locust become popular in Hong Kong? (This is the song I posted in the article “蝗蟲“)
Source and more info (in writtten Mandarin)

There’s even a real life political party called T-Party, which was just established on April 27, 2011 and probably inspired by American Tea-Party. Its manifestos includes anti-minimum wage and anti-locust, which is just restricted to mean new immigrants who depend on social welfare.

American Tea Party Inspired 反蝗蟲 (Anti-Locust) Political Party - T-Party. From Oriental Daily.

Source (in written Cantonese)

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